Ability Magazine, Second Edition by HFAW

About This Issue

The second edition of the Ability Magazine 2020
focuses on the second phase of Women of Hope Abled
Differently (WHAD) journey to financial
freedom/independence. In this issue, the reader will
be inspired by the resilience of the 24 women, who,
against all odds, launched a posho mill business as a
group. The issues provide individual testimonials from
the group members on the wins and lessons of
empowering women living with disabilities.

The Sustainable Development Goals are anchored on
equality for all. To live up to to the dream, there is an
urgent need to ensure that women/girls living with
disabilities participate in development and decision-making.

Ability Magazine showcases the power of
believing that every person can make a positive change
in the community. This project has been a success with
special support from the African Women
Development (AWDF).

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Ability Magazine

Through a grant received from AWDF, HFAW implemented a
project dubbed, leadership, business management, and financial
literacy skills in February 2020. The project was anchored on the
common vision for the two organizations for an inclusive society
where no woman is left behind in social, economic, and political
spheres of the community. The project involved three-day
training, monthly mentorship meetings, media outreach, and
launch of an income-generating project. In this magazine, you
will learn of this beautiful journey and see the impact of
empowering women living with disabilities.

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Awareness on political participation and election of leaders

HFAW raises awareness and educates women on their rights to democracy, good governance and political participation.

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Awareness raising on human rights

HFAW strives to ensure that right owners (communities) are aware of, and are able to demand, their rights;

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Advocacy in Markets, road show and community walk

HFAW also sensitizes the community against FGM through market flees since the launch of its first popular

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Trainings for Health and Law enforcement Providers

Law enforcement and health providers deal with victims of GBV and FGM.

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Church and Advocacy

To eradicate FGM, a multi sectoral approach is required, HFAW engages the community and its leaders

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Finance and literacy trainings and mentorship

Since 2014 HFAW has promoted individual entrepreneurship primarily for women and a few men

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Hope Foundation Women’s Fund

The idea of coming up with a women’s fund came up after meeting and discussing with women in Kisii on the way forward

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School Advocacy Project

To Advance the Rights of Children and Youth, HFAW with support from IMWCY prepared the project

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