Finance and literacy trainings and mentorship

Since 2014 HFAW has promoted individual entrepreneurship primarily for women and a few men by endorsing interest-free loans through to 139 first and repeat loans worth $35,000 with over 94% repayment success and tangible business projects. This also earned HFAW a certificate of good performance by kiva. These projects and businesses include but are not limited to brick making, dairy farming, poultry rearing, horticultural products, cereal selling, kiosks and most recently rabbit rearing among other ventures. Financial literacy and mentoring among loan beneficiaries is essential since development research has proven that providing financial assistance to women without also improving financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills, does not necessarily lead to sustained economic improvement. During the trainings, participants learn important topics such as budgeting, saving, debt management and where to get capital for their business among other lessons. In 2016, our first financial literacy training and mentorship benefitted 50 people (mostly women) who are running small businesses having received KivaZip interest-free loans. HFAW ‘s 2017 finance literacy training has reached two groups of women in Borabu Sub-County reaching a total of women.

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