HFAW in Dares Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es SalaamWith an invitation, HFAW was privileged to train women in Dar es laam in their United Methodist Women Empowerment Workshop. Dr Mose began by sharing information of the root causes of FGM.

The silent socialization which subjugates women to silence while elevates men’s status.

The reasons why a boy child is valued while the girl child is devalued. The explanation for women’s stigmatization and trauma when they do not have children or when they give birth to girls only. The root cause of women’s daily burdens and struggles. This forum which was based on popular education methodology of critical conscious raising as well as participatory engagement led women like Pendo Simango to openly share their stories of suppression, trauma and resilience. The discussion of FGM, health and socio-economic effects was better understood after discovering the root causes of the practice. The women were able to understand that this practice plays a major role in silencing women and agreed that FGM must be denounced at all costs and children must be fully protected.